Fried Bologna and Brisket Sandwich

Our Pitmaster friends at Bama-Q have created a new delicious recipe just for you! Tune in on Friday, April 17. The Pitmasters at Bama-Q will host a Facebook Live to walk you through their Fried Bologna and Brisket Sandwich. Once they’ve created their final product during the Facebook Live, we will update this recipe with some mouthwatering photos of the final product.


1/4” thick slice of bologna
1/2 lb of chopped brisket
One small yellow onion sliced
A few jalapeño slices
2-3 slices of bacon
Green leaf lettuce
Franks hot sauce
Pepper jack cheese slices
American cheese slices
Texas toast


Step 1: Begin by frying the bacon to the desired doneness

Step 2: Sauté onions and jalapeños together

Step 3: Fry bologna to the desired doneness

Melt a slice of cheese on top of the bologna

Step 4: Put chopped brisket on the griddle to heat it up

Melt a slice of cheese on top of the brisket

Step 5: Melt butter in bowl and brush onto bread slices

Then toast the bread on the Razor Griddle

Add a light coat of mustard/mayo/hot sauce mixture on the bottom slice of bread

Step 6: Assemble the sandwich

Layer one leaf of lettuce, then bologna/cheese, bacon, brisket/cheese, sautéed onions/jalapeños, tomato, and one leaf of lettuce

Add another light coat of mustard/mayo/hot sauce mixture on the top slice of bread

Step 7: Cut in half and enjoy!

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