Make great food with a Razor Griddle

Cook everything on one surface with no flare-ups and no food falling through the grate. Get complex flavors on powerful burners. Take your griddle anywhere with ease. From fluffy pancakes to seared veggies to juicy burgers, you’ll love cooking on a Razor Griddle.

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Designed Smarter and Built Better

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Side tables fold out to offer convenient food prep and serving space.

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Side tables fold to cover the cooking surface for safer, cleaner storage and transport.

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A secure front-access grease cup makes clean-up faster and easier.


Cook entire meals with ease. Clean-up is a breeze. Just wipe, fold, and go.

Cook for a Crowd

Razor Griddle Grill

Griddle | Razor Griddle Grill | Griddle On

Assembled Size

77 in x 24 in x 35 in

Cook all the Things

Portable 2 Burner
Razor Griddle

2 Burner Grill (2)

Assembled Size

43 in x 20.47 in x 35.55 in

Cook on the Go

Razor Portable
Griddle Grill


Assembled Size

27 in x 19 in x 11 in

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