Travel Around the Nation with Razor Griddle

Hey Griddle Gang!

There’s a slew of new, exciting things going on in griddle land, so we are inviting you to travel with us to see what we’re cooking up for you. First of all, we have a stellar chef whipping up exciting recipes especially for your griddle! He’s kiwi living in the UK cooking on an American machine, so you know it’s going to be a thrilling mashup of killer meals. 

We’re calling him the Major Razor because not only can he command a room with his humor and easy demeanor, he can turn a simple set of ingredients into a masterpiece. Chef Caster is cooking up something exciting and accessible, constantly, so tune into our Instagram and YouTube channels for content that looks good and promises to taste even better. 

Secondly, we’ve started a virtual travel series where we make regional-specific meals on the griddle, and we want you all to be involved. We just got back from Philly! We created our own version of the Philly cheesesteak on the griddle. You had a lot to say about what kind of cheese makes the best cheesesteak, and we loved it. 

Our next stop in the Northeast culinary tour is nautical Maryland. We plan on getting real with some crab cakes. Let us know what you think of our recipe! Are you a fan of all-meat crabcakes or a little filler to bind the deliciousness? 

As for the rest of our journey, we’ve got 48 more stops to make. Let us know, whether on social or via email, where you want us to go next. There’s food to be tested, flavors to be found, and good things to be griddled. 

Last but never least… Our giveaways are sizzling hot. We love treating our fans to freebies! Summertime is all about cooking outdoors, enjoying your loved ones, and letting food tell a story. For each upcoming holiday (Memorial, Father’s, The 4th) we’re rocking a giveaway. Expect new ways to join like griddle games, sizzle quizzes, and so much s’more (yes, griddle s’mores are a thing).

Make sure you follow us on our social media pages to hear about these giveaways and, as always, #GRIDDLEON.