Become the Next “Major Razor” Griddle Influencer

Seeking the New Face of Razor Griddle.

Who You Are: 

Are you a foodie? A current or aspiring chef? Do you have a personality that’s bursting with pizzazz? Razor Griddle is looking for its next superstar (jazz hands) and we want YOU to audition! This is an open call. No experience is required but we do ask that you’re comfortable being on camera and cooking on a griddle (It’s easy. That’s why we love it). You must be 18 years or older, have a social media following, and be able to post and share your content! 

What You’ll Do:

Our main ask is that you have fun! You’ll receive your very own griddle to try out familiar and new recipes. Film yourself chopping, prepping, and cooking these recipes in short, quippy, digestible clips. Think of this as a mini food show featuring informative meal creation paired with engaging explanations of your process. 

What You Get:

As stated, you’ll receive a new Razor Griddle to use as your blank canvas; let your culinary creativity blossom. Additionally, you’ll be given a stipend for groceries and you’ll be paid for creating quality content! If we’re a good match, we’ll continue our partnership and the perks will be ongoing. 

How to Audition:

Film yourself cooking and talking about a recipe – this can be one of your choosing, but the more creative the better! Send the video to Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see when we choose our winner(s).