We are here to share our passion with our fans and followers.

With the next generation of our Razors now available, it was time for us to expand Team Razor. The Team consists of Razor Griddle fans, aspiring chefs, inspirational humans and anyone that enjoys cooking, it's gotta be fun!

Adventure, inspiration and fun is in our nature, which is why we focus on portability and variability when developing the Razor family of griddles. We want griddling to be simple and exciting for all.

Team Razor is all about adventure, outdoor cooking, trying new things, discovering new places, living through new experiences and being inspired.

Caster Azucar - Major Razor

Asked to introduce himself, he said: "My name is Greg Pryor and my work as CasterAzucar started in 2016 as a way to inspire creativity in the kitchen. The first aim, to get homecooks off the beaten track and carving their own path through the culinary jungle. The second is to contribute and spread food ideas and techniques so cooks can create something new from a world full of influences!"

First, let us introduce our Major Razor – Greg is a truly original chef whipping up interesting recipes for your griddle! He's a Kiwi living in the UK cooking on an American machine, so you know it's going to be a thrilling mashup of killer meals.

We're calling him the Major Razor because not only can he command a room with his humor, he can turn a simple set of ingredients into a masterpiece. Chef Caster is always cooking up something exciting and accessible, so tune into our Social Media channels for content that looks good and promises to taste even better.


Seth discovered his passion for outdoor cooking at the early age of 5. He enjoys working the grill for any occasion and showing off his skills to family and friends.

He has been an avid user and fan of the Razor griddle since it's inception. Seth's favorite meal to make? Hibachi style Asian fusion dinners. He likes the simplicity and ease on the Razor griddle. From Wagyu tomahawks to pancakes, he does it all on the Razor.

Seth's favorite subject in school is US history, especially from the 1780s-1920s. When time permits, he's a renaissance man on the computer playing Minecraft and Pokémon.

Seth is also involved in philanthropy. His love for Capybaras' motivated him to raise a significant amount of funding for the Wellington Conservation Foundation.  He was able to raise funds he earned on his nationally recognized shawarma seasoning.


Originally from Tampa, FL Jacob now resides in Sarasota. His family has been in the culinary industry for decades and their experience and guidance has taught him more about cooking then he ever imagined.

He loves the flexibility of his RAZOR, being able to cook anything on the griddle. Breakfast, lunch or dinner....You got it!

Besides cooking on his griddle, he loves spending time with his friends/family and going to the beach!  He is super stoked to share all his creations with the RAZOR community!


Dawn is from Wichita, Kansas and has been an avid backyard griller for over a decade. She loves grilling/griddling and is encouraging others to try their hand at it. She believes that outdoor cooking should be an everyday event and not just limited to special occasions. One of her favorite things is taking "inside recipes" and adapting them to the outdoors.

She loves the versatility of her Razor saying "I have cooked everything from pancakes and breakfasts to fried rice, hamburgers and even stuffed pork chops." Dawn is a true fan of grilling, in addition to her RAZOR she also has a propane grill, a smoker and a charcoal grill as well as a collection of about 20 vintage BBQ grills.

Add in her fun personality, and we are excited to see what she cooks up next!


A die-hard Alabama fan, Ricky Albright is a cattle farmer-turned grilling enthusiast. He's the owner of Iron Fire Cooking, a grilling/BBQ caterer and food content creation business. Always excited about food, fellowship, and fire, Ricky spends most of the football season tailgating with family and friends.

His grilling interest was inherited from his father and Ricky says "the grill brings people together. It's a way to gather and socialize while doing my favorite thing, cooking!"

Ricky was recently competing in the Johnsonville Titanium Tongsman Contest and he WON!