A “Tampa” Cuban Sandwich

Take the simplicity of a sandwich and add the perfect detailed ingredients, and you’ll have a delicious “Tampa” Cuban Sandwich. With three different kinds of meats, get ready to griddle up a masterpiece.

Thank you to our Pitmaster friends at Bama-Q and Deep South Sauce Company for creating this mouthwatering recipe.


1 Loaf Cuban bread (Unless you’re buying it in a Cuban bakery, you’re probably getting a version, real Cuban bread has the Palmetto leaf)

1 lb Mojo marinated smoked pork butt (The Bama-Q Pitmasters happen to have a Mojo rub/brine they are working on and used that to marinate the meat overnight – smoked at 275, no-wrap until Internal Temp was 192. Rest the meat for 1 hour and wrap up the leftovers for the sandwich.)

1 lb Thinly sliced deli ham – Tavern ham or your favorite, as long as it’s a little sweet

1 lb of genoa salami

1 lb of sliced swiss cheese

6 Sandwich Stacker Dill Pickles (or 3 per sandwich, assuming 2 to be cut)

True Gold Mustard Sauce from Deep South Sauce Company

Havana Heat from Deep South Sauce Company


Step 1: Heat up your griddle to medium – medium-high heat

Step 2: Get something heavy that you can use to “press” the sandwich

Step 3: Slice some of the pork and place on the griddle

Get some color to it, then pour enough Havana Heat to coat nicely

Add some water to help steam and cover to allow the steam to continue to warm the pork

Step 4: Start building your sandwich

Cut your loaf into manageable lengths (The Bama-Q Pitmasters used 6 inches and cut the loaf in half)

Step 5: Build the sandwich upside down

The pork goes on the bottom and it should still be warming up

Step 6: Add a generous portion True Gold Mustard Sauce on the top bun

Step 7: Divide additional ingredients evenly across the sandwiches

Add three pickles per sandwich, then divide the swiss cheese, genoa salami, and ham evenly across the sandwiches

Step 8: Check your pork

If it is warmed through, then divide evenly across the sandwiches and put on the bottom bun

Step 9: Place your “press” on top of the sandwich and press down

Step 10: Cook for three to four minutes

then flip the sandwich and press again, Cook for another 3 to 4 minutes

Step 11: Take off, let cool for a minute, then slice the portions you would like

Step 12: Eat and enjoy

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