Dear friends and griddle fans,

We are on the hunt for new faces for the Razor Griddle. With the next generation of our Razors now available, it is time for us to expand the Team Razor.

We are all about adventure, outdoor cooking, trying new things, discovering new places, living through new experiences, being inspired and would therefore love to share our passion with our fans and followers.

Experience adventure, inspire and be inspired is part of our nature, which is why we focus on portability and variability when developing our products, hoping to make your experience the most affordable as it should be. We wish for the griddling to be simple, natural yet inspiring and adventurous and we strive for elevating the griddling experience through our products.

As an ambassador for Razor, your job will be promoting the brand and our products to the people around you. Our goal is for you to inspire your platform, to share your passion, your love for food with the community. Whether it’s family, friends, neighbors, or complete strangers, we believe we and you have the chance to inspire each other through Razor products and to make every day a small adventure, new experience.

Are you a foodie? A current or aspiring chef? Do you have a personality that’s great on camera the world needs to see? Razor Griddle is looking for its next griddle master and we want YOU to become one!

No ambassador experience is required but we do ask that you have the camera equipment, can do your own editing and of course are comfortable cooking outdoors on a griddle (It’s easy. That’s why we love it). You must be 18 years or older, have a social media following, be able to post and share your content and allow us to use your content in any of our marketing.


Our main ask is that you have FUN with your Razor, to try out familiar and new recipes. Enjoy traditional griddling but also wish for you to try NEW things, discover NEW possibilities, bring your griddle to NEW locations, to your family reunions, community happenings and have a great time.  Film yourself chopping, prepping, and cooking these recipes in short, fun, digestible clips. Think of this as a mini food show featuring informative meal creation paired with engaging explanations of your process.


If you don’t already have one, you’ll receive a new Razor Griddle to use as your blank canvas; let your culinary creativity shine. We will also provide you with selected griddle accessories and our Team Razor merch products (t-shirt, apron, hat etc.)

Additionally, you’ll be eligible for post promotion support and stipend for groceries!

If we’re a good match, we’ll continue our partnership and the perks will be ongoing.

You will of course be benefiting of access to our Razor Griddle community almost 12.000 Instagram followers and 86.000 Facebook fans. We will make sure to tag you when reposting your creations to keep inspiring our community and we hope to keep inspiring you through your fellow ambassadors.


Fill in the form and let us know why we should select you as our future brand ambassador. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see when we choose our new team member(s).

Call for Ambassadors

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