Four Ways Razor Griddles Win the Holidays

The holidays are an exciting time filled with activity and to-do’s. Coordinating jam-packed schedules, planning activities, preparing food, shopping for presents — it can all be overwhelming. Why not get some easy wins in during this busy time? Razor Griddle Grills can give you just the spark you need to cross the holiday finish line with energy to spare. Here are four ways Razor Griddles help you win the holiday season.

1. They’re the Perfect Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

Most of us have at least one person in our life who has everything. These family members and friends can throw even the savviest gift-givers for a loop. They’re the last person left on the gift list because it’s so hard to find that special something they want and don’t already have.

Razor LP Gas Griddles make it easy to give the perfect gift. Whether your hard-to-shop-for loved one likes camping, tailgating, cooking, or just hanging out with family and friends, they’ll love using Razor Griddles. Our griddles make it easy to create restaurant-quality food at home or on the go.

Don’t worry if they already have a grill (chances are, they probably do). They can cook steaks on the grill and use the griddle for veggies, eggs, and potatoes. Or they can use the griddle when they’re on the go. And who knows? Since griddles give you that delicious seared taste you love without flare-ups or food falling through the grates, they might become a griddle convert.

2. It’s Easy to Find Coordinating Gifts

Large Cooking Surface | Griddle | Razor Griddle Grill | Griddle On

Be the holiday hero. Start with a Razor Griddle Grill, and everyone in the family can contribute to the perfect gift. offers lots of fun, creative, and delicious coordinating gifts — so your family and friends can work together to create happy holiday memories.

Get friends and family to contribute their favorite griddle-friendly recipes. Compile the recipes in a book with pictures, or buy the ingredients for one or two recipes so your recipient can try out their new griddle right away (make sure you get propane, too!).

You could also help coordinate accessories, like a griddle accessory set, a meat thermometer, an apron, and a premium cover.

3. They’re Perfect for Last-Minute Shopping

Whether you’ve procrastinated your entire shopping list, lost time trying to come up with just the right thing, or you need one last gift, you can pick up the Razor Griddle, the Portable Razor Griddle, and accessories in Lowe’s stores across the country. 

Check online to see availability for all the Lowe’s locations near you, then just head in and pick one up.

4. They’re a Gift Everyone Can Enjoy

The holidays aren’t just about giving and receiving. They’re about spending time with our loved ones. Razor griddles make it easy to cook delicious food for every size gathering, no matter where you are. Delight your family and friends with incredible meals, in no time at all.

No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen and miss the fun of a family gathering. A large cooking surface and easy clean-up means you’ll spend less time cooking and more time enjoying the company of your family and friends.

Give yourself a win this holiday season by treating yourself or a loved one to the gift of a Razor Griddle Grill, and make moments that sizzle.