5pc Griddle Set

The Razor Griddle 5 piece griddle tool set is a must-have for every outdoor chef so you can move, flip, clean and care for your griddle like the pros do. The stainless steel spatulas each have a long surface to help flip food easily. The steel scraper scoops and chops food both on and off the griddle, in addition to cleaning the griddle surface. Two clear dispensers are included to hold anything from oil to season your griddle, water to marinate or clean the surface, or just hold your favorite condiments and marinades.


  • This professional set makes cooking for a crowd a breeze from breakfast to burgers, cheese steaks and veggies
  • Steel chopper/scraper dices, chops and cleans the griddle
  • Two clear dispensers to hold oil, water, condiments or your favorite marinades
  • Two spatulas with steel blades and a long surface to flip food easily

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