Four Ways Razor Griddles Win the Holidays

4 ways griddle grills win the holidays | Griddle | Razor Griddle Grill | Razor Griddle

The holidays are an exciting time filled with activity and to-do’s. Coordinating jam-packed schedules, planning activities, preparing food, shopping for presents — it can all be overwhelming. Why not get some easy wins in during this busy time? Razor Griddle Grills can give you just the spark you need to cross the holiday finish line…

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Best Gifts for Dads – King of the Backyard

Best Gifts For Dad | Cooked Meat Griddle | Razor Griddle Grill | Razor Griddle

Ah, Dads. Our favorite source of bad jokes and great burgers. Each one is special, but almost all of them have a reputation for being a little tough to shop for. This holiday, avoid the annual tie-of-the-month gift. (It was cool once but you can do better.) Why not be the holiday hero who gives…

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